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Generation Three

5. James3 Babson (4) (James2, Thomas1); born 29 Sep 1648 at Gloucester;74 married Martha Hall 9 Apr 1674 at St. Dunstan's Parish, Stepney, Middlesex Co., England.75

He worked as a cooper. He no doubt learned these skills from his father back in New England.76

John Martin, a bachelor seaman aboard His Majesty's Ship Jersey, made his will 3 June 1673 and died 4 June 1673. His will was proved 5 February 1673/4 and is on file in the Prerogative Court, London, England. John left this bequest: "to James Babson, my consort I give my wages that is due to me for my service in this his Majesty's ship the Jersey, with all the rest of my goods, money, or what else I possess in this ship". Past interpretations of the words "my consort" as used by John Martin in reference to James have been taken to mean that they were shipmates. Another interpretation, appropriate to the time period, would be "partner." It is possible that John and James were partners ashore in the Stepney area where James was a cooper.77

Children of James3 Babson (4) and Martha Hall both born at St. Dunstan's Parish, Gloucester, were as follows:

6. Phillip3 Babson (5) (James2, Thomas1); born 15 Oct 1654 at Gloucester;80 married Hannah Baker, daughter of Cornelius Baker and Hannah Woodbury, 22 Oct 1689 at Beverly Mr. John Hawthorn officiating.81

He and Hannah Baker lived at Beverly in 1684/85 when Philip was chosen checker of fish by the selectmen.82 He and Hannah Baker lived at Salem in 1689, but subsequently returned to Beverly. His date and place of death has not been determined.

Hannah Baker was born on 28 Nov 1662. She died on 13 Dec 1692 at Beverly, MA, at age 30.83 She "owned the covenant" [acknowledged] of the First Church of Beverly on 3 May 1691, the same day their daughter Anna was baptized.84

Children of Phillip3 Babson (5) and Hannah Baker were:

7. John3 Babson (6) (James2, Thomas1); born 27 Nov 1660 at Gloucester;85 married Dorcas Elwell, daughter of Josiah Elwell and Mary Collins, 8 Nov 1686 at Gloucester, Rev. John Emerson officiating;86 died Jun 1737 at Gloucester at age 76.87

At Ipswich on 30 Sep 1679 John Babson (6) deposed at Court that he was 18 years of age.88

Their marriage was the first solemnized by a minister to be entered as such in the Gloucester Town Records.

In the distribution of town lands, John received a six acre lot on 27 Feb 1688 at Gloucester.89 In 1695 John Babson (6) was granted a two or three acre tract of land "to sett up fishing upon," which led to the settlement at Sandy Point, now part of the town of Rockport.90 By further grants as well as purchase he obtained 27 more acres in the area "which he held several years and probably improved in carrying on the fishery."91 He "being by virtue of Marriage interested in ye Estate of Josiah Elwell deceased do by these presents with the Consent of Dorchas [sic] my wife" sell, for £20, to her brothers Elias and Josiah Elwell "all my Right Claime Title & Interest which I and my wife now have" in the estate of her father on 20 Apr 1710.92

During May and June 1711 eleven sloops were employed to carry 516 cords of wharf wood to Mr. Stephen Minot at Boston at a cost of £1.6 per cord. The smallest of these sloops, carrying 9 cords, was that of John Babson.93

The records of Essex County and the Town of Gloucester variously call John a mariner, wood-coaster, shoreman, and tailor.

On 15 Oct 1717 at Gloucester John (#34) executed a deed conveying land that had belonged to Isabel to his son, John (#49). To All Christian People to whom this present Deed of gift Shall come John Babson, Senr of Glocester in ye County of Essex in New England Marriner for and in Consideration of the Naturall love and parentall affection which I have and doe bear unto my Son John Babson Junr of sd Glocester in ye County aforesd Seaman as Also for his dutifull Carriage & behavr of himself towards me & to Incourage him Still to take care of an be helpfull to me in my old age in case I shall Stand in need and being Willing to Settle him in some part of Estate I have given granted ... unto him ye sd John Babson my Son ... Immediately after my Decease about one acre of Land Situate in sd Glocester and Lying near ye harbour part of which Land lyeth on ye Southwardly & part on ye northwardly Side of ye highway that Leadeth along by ye Side of ye harbour it being one half of all that parcell of Land called or accounted my homestead on which I now Dwell.94 He raised his grandson Capt. James Babson (12) after his son's death in 1720.

John Babson (6) previously owned the land sold by Ruth Lovett on 22 Nov 1743 at Gloucester; Ruth Somes, alias Babson, admin'x on the Estate of her husband "James Babson, late of Gloucester, mariner, deceased" sold to John Babson (#14), [son of John (#10) and Hannah (Hodgkins) Babson] a tenement at Gloucester on the Harbour between the two streets consisting of one house and one-half acre of land, "being part of homestead of John Babson, deceased, father of James Babson, deceased, bounded E. by Capt. John Prince, s. on Forestreet and N. on New or Meeting House Street."95

Dorcas Elwell was born on 18 Jun 1667 at Beverly.96 She died in Jun 1737 at Gloucester.97

Dorcas Elwell consented to selling land to her brothers that was part of her father's estate on 20 Apr 1710.98

Children of John3 Babson (6) and Dorcas Elwell were as follows:

8. Richard3 Babson (7) (James2, Thomas1); born 1 Jun 1663 at Gloucester;111 married first Mary Dolliver, daughter of Samuel Dolliver and Mary Elwell, circa 1686;112 married second Jane 14 Oct 1718, whose first husband, John Redding, died at Gloucester 17 Nov 1716, aged about 56;113 died probably at Falmouth, ME.114

He was granted "six acres of upland ground at the cape and it fell out to by Lott to be the Twenty first Lott in number" on 27 Feb 1687/88 at Gloucester.115 He was granted "one acre between the high hill and the highway that leads to Norman's Oh, not to prejudice the way that comes out of the wood" at Gloucester.116 He was granted "4 acres of swampy ground above the Long Bridge" at Gloucester after 1688.117 He received a grant of land from his mother, Elinor Hill, in exchange for her maintenance on 13 Aug 1695.118

On 11 May 1696 at Gloucester Richard sold about a quarter acre of land to his brother-in-law, Thomas Witham, located adjacent to land Thomas had already received from his Mother-in-Law, Eleanor Babson.119 He sold John Smith, Senr, a common right in Gloucester at Gloucester on 24 May 1697.120

Richard Babson (7) sold lot #60 to John Smith, Senr on 9 Mar 1709 at Gloucester.121

On 26 Aug 1712 Richard Babson (7) sold land at Ipswich to Jacob Davis on the south side of the road lading to Chebacco in Ipswich.122 He also sold him 12 acres on Chebacco side on the line between Gloucester and Manchester on 26 Aug 1712.123 He sold land at Gloucester on 20 Jun 1715 "boatman, alias fisherman," mortgaged to Col. Samuel Brown, Esq. of Salem, on 20 June 1715, the homestead where he dwelled, consisting of a dwelling house and about 5 acres of land, bounded easterly by Fresh Water Cove, northeasterly by a Mill Brook, westerly by ye highway and easterly by Richard Dolliver's land, along with all the "fruit trees timber wood underwood rocks stones mines mineralls & all the privileges & appurtenances there unto belonging..." Richard was to pay Samuel Brown "£32 current money ... at or before the fifteenth day of November next." There were clearly some extensions granted as the mortgage was not fully discharged until 16 April 1719.124

Richard Babson (7) discharged a mortgage on 16 Apr 1719.125 He was granted in Feb 1720 at Falmouth, ME. He sold to his son John on 5 Oct 1720 "all my houseing & Land Lying in Gloucester being Scituate in or near fresh water Cove in glocester ... Containing about one acre & halfe..." Richard and his wife Jane acknowledged this deed at Falmouth, York County the following day.126

Richard Babson (7) was granted additional land at at Falmouth, ME, on 13 Mar 1721.

Richard Babson (7) appears on the muster roll as a "Centenll" between 1 Jun 1725 and 30 Jun 1725 at Capt. John Gray's company.127 He ended military service on 30 Nov 1725.128 He sold land at Falmouth, ME, on 29 Sep 1729 Richard sold to Moses Pearson, Joyner, for £28 all his right and interest in the Township of Falmouth, which is "equal to any one of the present Comoners or Inhabitants of sd Township" which he held by "Vertue of my being a Commoner of sd according to the Scheme for the Settling sd Town (Except my thirty Acre Lot which I have already disposed of...)."129

On 11 May 1730 is the last date his name appears in the town meeting records at Falmouth, ME.

Mary Dolliver was born on 26 Mar 1662 at Gloucester. She died on 14 Feb 1717/18 at Gloucester at age 55.130

Children of Richard3 Babson (7) and Mary Dolliver were as follows:

Jane married first an unknown person , before 1716.

Jane acknowledged a deed with Richard Babson (7) on 5 Oct 1720 at Gloucester.139

There were no children of Richard3 Babson (7) and Jane.

9. Abigail3 Babson (James2, Thomas1); born 13 May 1670; married Thomas Witham 8 Jul 1691 at Gloucester;140 died 25 Feb 1745 at Gloucester at age 74.141

Thomas Witham.

After James died in 1683, Elinor lived with her daughter Abigail and son-in-law Thomas Witham. In appreciation Elinor gave them land near her own residence at The Farms, Gloucester.

Thomas Witham bought a quarter acre of land from Richard Babson (7) adjacent to land he had already received from his mother-in-law, Eleanor Babson at Gloucester on 11 May 1696; Richard sold about a quarter acre of land to his brother-in-law, Thomas Witham, located adjacent to land Thomas had already received from his Mother-in-Law, Eleanor Babson.142 He purchased land in 1697 at Babson farm at Little Good Harbor, Gloucester, John Ring, as the agent of Thomas Witham, bought the Babson Farm at the Little Good Harbor.143

Children of Abigail3 Babson and Thomas Witham all born at Gloucester were as follows:

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