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Generation Five

21. Isaac5 Babson (11) (James4, John3, James2, Thomas1); born circa 1727 probably at Beverly or Wenham, MA;273 married Mehitable Cue, daughter of Robert Cue and Mary Porter, 3 Jan 1748/49 at Topsfield, MA.274

On 21 Feb 1753 Isaac, "of Wenham, mariner," and his sister Sarah, "of Danvers, seamster," sold to Caleb Rae of Gloucester, physician, land in Gloucester located on the north side of Middle Street, near the Harbour Meeting House and bounded on the east by Isaac and Sarah's land. Mehitable relinquished her dower rights as did Ruth Fitts, Isaac and Sarah's mother.275

On 11 May 1754 Isaac Babson (11) and Sarah Babson sold more land on Middle Street in Gloucester to Ezekiel Woodward, Jr., Shoreman, for £66.13s.4d. Again Mehitable and Ruth Fitts relinquished their rights.276

Mehitable Cue was born on 22 Jun 1732 at Wenham, MA.277 She died on 15 Feb 1799 at Beverly, MA, at age 66.278 Her estate went through probate on 5 Mar 1799.279

Mehitable Cue relinquished dower rights when her husband sold property at Gloucester on 21 Feb 1753.280

Mehitable Cue relinquished dower rights when her husband sold property at Middle Street, Gloucester, on 11 May 1754.281

Mehitable Cue and her son, James Babson, were on the tax list at Wenham, MA, on 2 Sep 1771.282 Mehitable's will read:

In the Name of God amen, I Mehitable Babson of Beverly in the County of Essex and Commonwealth of the state of massachusetts Widow, make this my last will and Testament. Imprimis, I give my soul to God and my Body to the Ground hoping for a Resurrection to Life eternal through the merits & Intersion [sic] of my Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ;

Item I give to my grand Children left of my son James Babson three dollars to be equly [sic] divided amongst them. Itim I give to my daughter mehitable Killam one dollar. Itim I give to my son Isaac Babson one dollar. Itim I give to my grand daughter Sally Francis one dollar. Itim I give to my daughter Ruth Babson all the Remainder of my Estate both real and personal including all my monies and wearing apparel and all my house hold furniture that was not inventoried. And finaly [sic] I do hereby constitute and appoint my daughter Ruth Babson sole Executor of this my last Will and Testiment, she paying my funeral Charges.283

On 1 Jul 1799 After Mehitable's death, their surviving children and two of their grandchildren sold four acres of land partly in Beverly and partly in Wenham and two-thirds of an acre of salt marsh in Beverly to Caleb Kimball, Jr. of Wenham, housewright: Know all Men by these presents, that we Ruth Babson weaver, Isaac Babson brickmaker and Sarah Francis Simstress [sic], all of Beverly in the County of Essex and commonwealth of Massachusetts, and John Killham of Alford [sic] in the county of York cordwainer in said commonwealth and Mehitable his wife in her own right - & Isaac Babson of Derryfield in the county of Hillsborough in the State of Newhampshire gentleman for and in consideration of one hundred and sixty dollars and sixty seven cents, to us paid by Caleb Kimball junr of the town of Wenham.284

Children of Isaac5 Babson (11) and Mehitable Cue were as follows:

22. Capt. James5 Babson (12) (John4, John3, James2, Thomas1); born 19 Dec 1717 at Gloucester;305 Marriage intentions with Hannah Smith were published 16 Dec 1738 at Gloucester;306 died 2 Sep 1759 at Gloucester at age 41;307 Captain Babson's estate was probated on 3 Mar 1760.308

Capt. James Babson (12) was raised by his grandfather, John Babson, as his father died when he was only about 2 1/2 years old.

Capt. James Babson (12) bought land from Capt. William Babson (13) on 10 Nov 1748. William sold his brother James 1/3 of the "House in the Harbour, so called, wherein the said James Babson now dwells" and 1/3 part of the land adjoining thereto for £180. William and Martha acknowledged this deed on 27 May 1749.309 Reverend Chandler wrote in his Journal: Visited Capt. babson, very dangerous, near death. I came home and went to bed ill -- about two o'clock they sent for me to visit Capt. Babson. I sent word that I was ill and unable, but considering the distress of the family, I arose and went. While I was attempting to pray with him, I fainted away. I came home about four, left him dying - his wife very ill" on 2 Sep 1759 at Gloucester.

The administration of Capt. James Babson's estate was given to his son-in-law, Aaron Newhall. The inventory of the estate, which came to £421:7:7, included a pew in Rev. Chandler's Meeting House, dwelling house, barn and land; sea books and instruments An account, dated 4 Aug 1762 mentions board for his son, Benjamin, for twelve weeks and £4:10:8 paid for gravestones.

Hannah Smith was born circa 1716. She died on 26 Nov 1759 at Gloucester.310 Capt. James Babson, as administrator for his mother Hannah's estate, paid £29:8 to each of his siblings: Benjamin, Hannah Newhall, Anna Sanders, Dorcas and Mary Babson at the final settlement and division of property.311

Children of Capt. James5 Babson (12) and Hannah Smith were as follows:

23. Capt. William5 Babson (13) (John4, John3, James2, Thomas1); born 4 Nov 1719 at Gloucester;341 married Martha Haraden, daughter of Capt. John Haraden and Martha Coit, 20 Nov 1743 at Gloucester;342 lost at sea soon after 27 May 1749.343

In 1748, the year before he was lost at sea, William purchasd a dwelling built about 1725 by George Dennison for his wife, Abigail (Haraden) Dennison. This charming house is "still standing in Annisquam on River Road, formerly Curve Street."344

William sold his brother James 1/3 of the "House in the Harbour, so called, wherein the said James Babson now dwells" and 1/3 part of the land adjoining thereto for £180. William and Martha acknowledged this deed on 27 May 1749 This is the last appearance of William in the records.345

Martha Haraden was born on 20 Apr 1726 at Gloucester.346 She died on 15 Oct 1772 at Gloucester at age 46. Her estate was probated on 2 Mar 1773.347

Martha Haraden sold land at Annisquam, MA, on 22 Jun 1772. She sold for £40 that part of the dwelling in "Annisquam which I now occupy, together with all the privileges" to her son John.348

Their son, William, first administered Martha's estate. On 3 Feb 1773 he asked that the court grant the administration to his brother-in-law, Gideon Lane, as business was calling him away to sea. Administration of her estate was granted to Gideon Lane on 2 Mar 1773. The inventory of Martha Haraden Babson's estate amounted to £293-17-18 1/2. She owned the training field and land adjoining the Flake Yard. On 2 Jan 1776 William Babson again appeared in court complaining that Gideon Lane had not rendered an account. Lane rendered the account on 9 Apr 1777. At the final settlement, on 9 Apr 1777, the value of the estate was £117-13-7 1/4 on 2 Mar 1773.349

Children of Capt. William5 Babson (13) and Martha Haraden were as follows:

24. John5 Babson (14) (John4, Richard3, James2, Thomas1); born 7 Sep 1713 at Gloucester;359 Marriage intentions with Deborah Stevens were published 2 Dec 1738 at Gloucester;360 married Deborah Stevens, daughter of James Stevens and Deborah Sayward, 11 Jan 1738/39 at Gloucester;361 he married secondly Abigail Davis 2 Dec 1756 at Gloucester, possibly the widow of John Allen with whom she entered into marriage intentions 28 Jan 1743/43, according to Gloucester Vital Records 2:156;362 married third Anne Savery 20 Mar 1771 at Gloucester;363 died Mar 1797 at age 83.

He received a legacy from the estate of John Babson (10).364

John Babson (14) bought land from Ruth Lovett on 22 Nov 1743 at Gloucester; Ruth Somes, alias Babson, admin'x on the Estate of her husband "James Babson, late of Gloucester, mariner, deceased" sold to John Babson (#14), [son of John (#10) and Hannah (Hodgkins) Babson] a tenement at Gloucester on the Harbour between the two streets consisting of one house and one-half acre of land, "being part of homestead of John Babson, deceased, father of James Babson, deceased, bounded E. by Capt. John Prince, s. on Forestreet and N. on New or Meeting House Street."365

On 1 August 1752 Rev. Chandler wrote "Signed the deed and rec'd of John Babson his house lot. Paid him £54 the day before yesterday". This lot was located on the south side of Middle Street about half way between Center and Short Streets. Here Rev. Chandler erected the gambrel-roofed house still standing today [1860]. Part of this land was a portion of Isabel's Harbor Lot, where she had lived a century earlier. Deborah joined her husband in signing this deed, just two months prior to her death.366,367,368

John Babson (14) "resided in what is known as the old Garrison house on Back Street." He purchased this property from John Stevens and his wife Judith of Gloucester for £200. This property on Back [now Prospect] Street was bounded by the highway running north by land of Daniel Sargent of Boston about 1701, and had a dwelling house upon it.369

John Babson (14) "of Gloucester, mariner" sold for £200 to John Stevens, merchant, a half acre in the "Harbour bounded on Middle Street by land belonging to heirs of Rev. Samuel Chandler ... containing a dwelling house and a spring on the lower side of street" His third wife, Anne, joined him in signing this deed on 22 January 1781.370

Deborah Stevens was born on 23 Oct 1719 at Gloucester.371 Deborah Stevens died at age 32 at Gloucester. The Reverend Samuel Chandler wrote in his journal on 6 Oct 1752, "John Babson's wife [Deborah] died in the evening about 10 o'clock."372

Children of John5 Babson (14) and Deborah Stevens all born at Gloucester were as follows:

Abigail Davis married an unknown person after 28 Jan 1743/44 at Gloucester.379

There were no children of John5 Babson (14) and Abigail Davis.

Anne Savery was baptized on 29 Dec 1728 at Bradford, MA.380

There were no children of John5 Babson (14) and Anne Savery.

25. Solomon5 Babson (15) (John4, Richard3, James2, Thomas1); born 12 Jun 1715 at Gloucester;381 married Elizabeth Parsons, daughter of John Parsons and Elizabeth Haskell, 9 Nov 1739 at Gloucester;382 died before 18 Apr 1763, perhaps having been lost at sea; his estate was probated 18 Apr 1763.383,384

He was a mariner.

Jacob Parsons, merchant, was appointed to administer Solomon's estate. The inventory was taken 2 May 1763 and mentioned his dwelling house, an acre of land, and a pew in the Meeting House. The estate was declared insolvent on 23 May 1763 and on 17 Jun 1763 Elizabeth "Bapson," his widow, had her thirds set off. There is a disposal of his land on 17 Apr 1765 by the administrator when Solomon, Jr purchased for £24:13:4 2/3 parts of the land and house of his deceased father on 18 Apr 1763.385,386

Elizabeth Parsons was born on 30 Apr 1721 at Gloucester.387 She received a legacy from the estate of Solomon Babson (15).388,389

Children of Solomon5 Babson (15) and Elizabeth Parsons all born at Gloucester were as follows:

Children of Solomon5 Babson (15) include:

26. Hannah5 Babson (John4, Richard3, James2, Thomas1); born 8 Sep 1717 at Gloucester;399 married Capt. Benjamin Webber, son of Michael Webber, 29 Nov 1750 at Gloucester.400

Capt. Benjamin Webber was born on 21 May 1726 at Gloucester.401

Children of Hannah5 Babson and Capt. Benjamin Webber were as follows:

27. William5 Babson (16) (John4, Richard3, James2, Thomas1); born 18 Oct 1721 at Gloucester;406 married Mary Williams, daughter of John Williams and Jane Robinson, 24 Jul 1744 at Gloucester;407 died circa 1775.

Rev. Samuel Chandler's Journal tells that he and his family "went to sea with William Babson; all sick" on 1 Sep 1752.408

He is likely the William who died in 1775, having been for some time in a weak state of health and whose death was occasioned or hastened by the compulsion under which he was obliged to act as pilot to the Falcon in the attack upon the town in that year, Lindsay having taken him out of a fishing boat for that purpose and threatened him with death if he ran the ship ashore in 1775.409 No probate appears for William in the Essex County records.

Mary Williams was born on 18 Jul 1728 at Gloucester.410

Children of William5 Babson (16) and Mary Williams were as follows:

28. Mary5 Babson (John4, Richard3, James2, Thomas1); born 24 Dec 1723 at Gloucester;415 married William Card, son of William Card and Rebecca Wallis, 16 Jan 1745 at Gloucester;416 died 16 Oct 1801 at Gloucester at age 77.

William Card was born on 9 Oct 1717 at Gloucester.417

Children of Mary5 Babson and William Card all born at Gloucester were as follows:

29. Capt. Joseph5 Babson (17) (John4, Richard3, James2, Thomas1); born 18 Jul 1731 at Gloucester;421 married Martha Somes, daughter of Abraham Somes and Martha Emerson, 12 Jun 1755 at Gloucester;422 died 15 Jan 1815 at age 83 in that part of Sedgwick now called Brooklin, ME.

He was.423 He was master of the schooner Adventure which sailed between Salem, Virginia, and St. Martin's West Indies from Aug 1757 to Jan 1758. He commanded the Schooner Charming Abigail , 36 tons, sailing between Salem, Virginia, and Maryland from Dec 1758 to Apr 1762.424 I think there is an error here. Ann Chaplin is checking on this for us.

Joseph then again became Master of the Abigail sailing between Salem and Virginia in Dec 1762. (should this read Adventure?)

He returned to the Charming Angel and sailed to Dominica and Antiqua in 1764. (should this read Charming Abigail?).425

Capt. Joseph Babson (17) lived at Sedgwick, ME, in 1765. The Babsons came from Gloucester and settled on the high land known as Babson's Ridge. Plantation #4 was incorporated as Sedgwick on 12 Jan 1789 and part was set off as Brooklin on 9 Jun 1849.426

Capt. Joseph Babson (17) on 11 Aug 1791 "of Sedgwick, yeoman" gave to his three sons a 143 acre lot bounded 100 rods on East side of Eggemoggin Reach, running east 134 rods to Herrick's Bay, then west by the Bay and Black's Brook, then northwest across the Brook, then south to Eggemoggin Reach, then east by said Reach; along with his dwelling house, horned cattle, sheep, hogs, farming tools ... in consideration of proper maintenance for myself and wife, Martha, to be fulfilled by sons Abraham, of Gloucester, mariner, and John and James of County of Hancock, Maine.427 Yet on 16 Apr 1806, Capt. Joseph Babson (17) sold this 143 acre tract to his son James for $500, reserving a piece off the northwest side for the use of himself and his wife, Martha.428

Martha Somes was born on 21 Sep 1735 at Gloucester.429 She died on 13 Oct 1823 at Sedgwick, ME, at age 88.430,431 She was one of the earliest members at the Church of Christ, Sedgwick, ME, in 1779 along with Hannah Babson and Abraham Babson (31) and Elizabeth "Betsey" Babson.

Martha Somes and her husband Capt. Joseph Babson (17) were to receive maintenance from their sons in exchange for land granted on 11 Aug 1791.432 Capt. Joseph Babson (17) sold the 143 acre tract to an unknown witness on on 16 Apr 1806, reserving a piece for himself and Martha.433

Children of Capt. Joseph5 Babson (17) and Martha Somes were as follows:

30. Sarah5 Millett (Sarah4Babson, Richard3, James2, Thomas1); born 11 Aug 1709 at Gloucester.442

One of the Millett daughters is the mother of Sarah Babson Emmons.

Children of Sarah5 Millett include:

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