What is the origin of the Babson surname?

The name comes from Somerset, England, but the origins are not known. The name is rare in England today. It is sometimes spelled Bapson. If you meet another Bapson or Babson, you are probably related.

What is the connection between the family and Babson College?

Roger Babson (#188 in the 1997 genealogy) founded Babson College.

http://www2.babson.edu/babson/BabsonHPp.nsf/Public/aboutBabsonhistory provides the history of the college. (Note: copy and paste this URL into your browser, or navigate to http://www2.Babson.edu/ and follow the links for “About Babson” and “History of Babson College”)

The college was founded as Babson Institute in 1919 in Wellesley, MA. It became Babson College in 1969.

What is the Babson connection to Bearskin Neck in Rockport?

Ebenezer Babson, b. 8 Feb 1667/68 saw a bear attack his nephew, Henry Witham. Ebenezer attacked the bear, armed only with knife. He allowed the bear to follow him into the water to get its attention away from the child.

Afterwards he brought the bear onto the shore and dried its skin on the rocks.

The legend is memorialized in the couplet:
“Babson, Babson killed a bear
With his knife, I do declare.”

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